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A Robust Partial Parsing Strategy based on the Slot Unification Grammars

Manuel Palomar, Antonio Ferràndez, Lidia Moreno, Maximiliano Saiz-Noeda, Raphael Muñoz, Patricio Martìnez-Barco, Jesùs Peral, Borja Navarro

Abstract : In this paper we present a robust partial parser (Slot Unification Partial Parser, SUPP) based on the Slot Unification Grammars, SUG. Our parsing strategy analyzes coordinated nouns and prepositional phrases and verbal chunks (verbs in their simple and compound forms and verbal periphrasis) and it’s guided to the linguistic phenomena resolution. Its adaptability to different taggers or dictionaries makes it a general purpose system. To show this universality, the system has been evaluated with two Spanish corpora (LEXESP and Blue Book), achieving precision and recall values between 95 %-97%.