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DEFI, un outil d’aide à la compréhension

Archibald Michiels

Abstract : DEFI acts as a filter on a bilingual dictionary (a merge of the Oxford/Hachette (OH) and Robert/Collins (RC) English-French and French-English bilinguals) to provide the user with the most likely translation(s) of the item he has requested help about. The tasks involved are the following: recognition of general language multi-word units (mwu's) stored in the bilingual dictionaries. This task also includes the presentation to the user of relevant dictionary examples, because the concept of mwu is extended here to cover examples as selected and/or edited by lexicographers for both multi-word units and single-word lexical items, restriction of the range of translations, such restriction to be based on properties of the source text, i.e. the textual environment of the item the user has asked to get the translation of. In the best of cases, the translation that ranks highest according to the DEFI matcher is the one that is most appropriate to the context.

Mots clés : dictionnairique, aide à la compréhension, lecture active, sélection d’acceptions

Keywords : machine-readable dictionaries, reading aids, translation aids, word sense assignment