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Automatic Question Generation from Sentences

Husam Ali, Yllias Chali, Sadid A. Hasan

Abstract : Question Generation (QG) and Question Answering (QA) are some of the many challenges for natural language understanding and interfaces. As humans need to ask good questions, the potential benefits from automated QG systems may assist them in meeting useful inquiry needs. In this paper, we consider an automatic Sentence-to-Question generation task, where given a sentence, the Question Generation (QG) system generates a set of questions for which the sentence contains, implies, or needs answers. To facilitate the question generation task, we build elementary sentences from the input complex sentences using a syntactic parser. A named entity recognizer and a part of speech tagger are applied on each of these sentences to encode necessary information.We classify the sentences based on their subject, verb, object and preposition for determining the possible type of questions to be generated. We use the TREC-2007 (Question Answering Track) dataset for our experiments and evaluation.

Mots clés : Génération de questions, Analyseur syntaxique, Phrases élémentaires, POS Tagging

Keywords : Question Generation, Syntactic Parsing, Elementary Sentence, POS Tagging