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Projection Aléatoire Non-Négative pour le Calcul de Word Embedding / Non-Negative Randomized Word Embedding

Behrang Qasemizadeh, Laura Kallmeyer, Aurelie Herbelot

Abstract : Non-Negative Randomized Word Embedding We propose a word embedding method which is based on a novel random projection technique. We show that weighting methods such as positive pointwise mutual information (PPMI) can be applied to our models after their construction and at a reduced dimensionality. Hence, the proposed technique can efficiently transfer words onto semantically discriminative spaces while demonstrating high computational performance, besides benefits such as ease of update and a simple mechanism for interoperability. We report the performance of our method on several tasks and show that it yields competitive results compared to neural embedding methods in monolingual corpus-based setups.

Keywords : Word Embedding, Word Vectors, Random Projections, Lexical Semantics.