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Vocab : a dictionary plugin for web sites

Dewi Bryn Jones, Gruffudd Prys, Delyth Prys

Abstract : This paper describes a dictionary plugin tool, Vocab, that enhances websites by providing a rapid, integrated facility for users to hover the mouse cursor over or touch words, multi word entities and phrases and see relevant dictionary entries aggregated from a number of federated dictionaries as pop-up windows within the website itself. Bloom filters and lemmatization are used to identify dictionary entry headwords within a webpage’s text. Vocab is made available as a free resource via an online portal of language tools, with easy to follow instructions on its deployment so that web designers can integrate and customize into their own websites. Vocab is useful both as a learning aid for advanced language learners and as an aid to vocabulary improvement. While primarily developed for word and phrase translation between Welsh and English it could be adapted for use with other language pairs through opportunities for collaboration

Keywords : Welsh, Online dictionaries, Bloom filters