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CLaC @ DEFT 2018: Sentiment analysis of tweets on transport from Île-de-France

Simon Jacques, Farhood Farahnak, Leila Kosseim

Abstract : CLaC @ DEFT 2018: Analysis of tweets on transport on the Île-de-France This paper describes the system deployed by the CLaC lab at Concordia University in Montreal for the DEFT 2018 shared task. The competition consisted in four different tasks; however, due to lack of time, we only participated in the first two. We participated with a system based on conventional supervised learning methods: a support vector machine classifier and an artificial neural network. For task 1, our best approach achieved an F-measure of 87.61%; while at task 2, we achieve 51.03%, situating our system below the average of the other participants.

Keywords : Support Vector Machine; Topic Analysis; Sentiment Analysis.